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YOU Can Make a Difference in a Medical Emergency

In physician’s offices, industrial parks, retail centers and daycares across Charleston and throughout South Carolina, people go about their daily business. It’s in these settings – at home, work or at play – where 350,000 heart attacks occur each year in the US.

When a heart attack occurs, you have around 4 to 6 minutes before the brain begins to die from lack of oxygen. But it takes 8 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. That’s why having someone on the scene, trained to perform life-saving CPR and other treatments, is so critical. One person, trained and ready to act, can make all the difference.

Southeastern CPR Classes will train you to be that person. Whether you are a First Responder, the plant Safety Director, or the average office worker, we will provide the tools, the instruction and the confidence to act decisively. Our CPR trainers have many decades of combined service as EMTs, firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers. We bring real-world experience to your location, teaching AHA and ASHI-accredited classes tailored to your needs and your environment. We make it interesting, and we make it fun. And our loyal clients have us back, year after year.

Gain the tools and the knowledge that make a difference in a medical emergency. Contact Southeastern-CPR to learn more.

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