Life-saving Training by Southeastern-CPR

Southeastern-CPR offers a wide variety of life-saving skills training classes across Charleston, SC, and throughout the state.

In industrial plants, office parks, retail and clinical settings, or on the playing field… medical emergencies happen where LIFE happens.

Each emergency and each setting will have its own circumstances, and a “best way” to deal with the situation. To make a difference in those critical moments, it takes a variety of lifesaving skills and the confidence to use them. Southeastern-CPR offers you both.

Training Classes by Southeastern-CPR:

  • Healthcare Provider CPR, Advanced and Basic Life Support (ALS / BLS)
    Many medical professionals are required to know CPR / AED, ECC and other ALS / BLS skills. Certification and regular re-certification by Southeastern-CPR are vital to keeping your skills fresh, and keeping your career on track.
  • First Aid
    They say that 25% of all trips to the emergency room could be avoided if someone on the scene receives basic first aid and CPR certification. You can be that person!
  • Wilderness First Aid
    Even in a wilderness emergency, help is on the way. But what will happen in those critical first moments before the first responders find you? First aid knowledge is vital. Gain that knowledge with Wilderness First Aid Training by Southeastern-CPR.
  • Heart Saver CPR and AED Training
    Daycare workers, industrial safety teams, medical office staff, personal trainers, athletic coaches, charter boat captains and more can benefit from comprehensive training in CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from Southeastern-CPR.
  • First Responder Training and Recertification
    Professional EMT response times increase in a typical manufacturing facility due to distance, obstacles and unfamiliar terrain. Your shop needs trained emergency responders in-house who are ready to act, and Southeastern-CPR can help.
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Training
    The risk of infection from bloodborne pathogens is present in many different work environments. If yours is one of them, learn how to protect your staff with expert comprehensive bloodborne pathogens training from Southeastern-CPR.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Training
    Critical cardiac events require a cool head and swift, sure action. Gain the skills you need with training from Southeastern-CPR.
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Training
    You will never know a greater responsibility than when you hold a child’s life in your hands. If that time ever comes, you can face it with confidence, knowing that you have received comprehensive PALS training from Southeastern-CPR.

Life-saving Training from Southeastern-CPR

In life’s critical moments, one person can make a difference. Will YOU be that person? You can be, with training and skills provided by Southeastern-CPR. Our classes are taught in – and tailored to – your specific environment by experienced firefighters and EMTs with many decades of combined experience. To learn how we can prepare you and your coworkers to take on life’s emergencies, Contact Us today!