Preserve Life, Prevent Harm, Promote Recovery

Southeastern-CPR offers First Aid training classes at workplaces in Charleston, South Carolina, and throughout the state.

According to the National Safety Council, 25% of all trips to the emergency room could be avoided if someone on the scene receives basic first aid and CPR certification. One person can truly make a difference. Will it be you?

The title of this page refers to the “Three P’s” of first aid. The goals in any first aid situation are to Preserve the victim’s life and help minimize the threat of death; to stabilize a situation and Prevent it from worsening; and to Promote recovery from the injury or illness. You can learn how to apply the three P’s in an emergency situation to confidently treat bleeding, sprains and fractures, heat emergencies and other conditions, just like you learned in Southeastern CPR First Aid training.

Where do first aid incidents happen? As we said on our CPR Training page, they happen wherever LIFE happens. In each situation, someone on hand should possess lifesaving first aid training.

Classes for Daycare Workers

Cuts, breaks and allergic reactions are part of childhood. Often routine, these incidents can take a serious turn from time to time. When they do, you can act with confidence, thanks to expert first aid training from Southeastern-CPR.

Training for Industrial Safety Teams

Naturally, life’s bumps, bruises and breaks will happen at the workplace from time to time. When they do, prompt action is critical. But in a typical manufacturing facility distance, obstacles and unfamiliar terrain can slow down response time. This is when first aid training by Southeastern-CPR can make a difference!

Classes for Personal Trainers

Wherever people push their bodies beyond their typical norms, they place themselves at some risk of injury. When that happens, prompt action by someone with first aid training from Southeastern-CPR can prevent that cut, sprain, or respiratory issue from getting worse.

Training for Athletic Coaches

In sports – particularly contact sports – the risk of injury is always present. Even young athletes in peak condition can suffer sprains, pulls, torn ligaments, broken bones and other injuries. Sometimes they can “walk it off.” When they can’t, you and your staff need expert first aid training from Southeastern-CPR.

Classes for Medical Office Staff

Many people visiting the doctor’s office are dealing with some kind of medical compromise. First aid situations can and do arise in a medical practice. When they do, don’t just assume that someone in an office full of medical professionals will automatically take charge. When you have first aid training from Southeastern-CPR, the person taking charge is YOU.

Training for Charter Boat Captains

Sightseeing and fishing charters are big business in Charleston SC. People of all ages and physical conditions come from practically everywhere to enjoy the water. Many times, though, they don’t have their sea legs. Many have never experienced the intensity of the Charleston sun. Nausea, falls and severe sunburn, as well as fishing accidents can ruin the fun. But first aid training from Southeastern-CPR can save the day!

Expert First Aid Training from Southeastern-CPR

In each of these instances, in gyms and job sites all over South Carolina, Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, and the Grand Strand, one person with proper first aid training can truly make a difference during a medical emergency. Southeastern-CPR will train and equip YOU to be that person. Contact us today!