For Non-medical Personnel

Southeastern-CPR offers classes in CPR training and AED use throughout the Charleston SC and throughout the state.

The defibrillator is a medical miracle that has saved countless lives by restoring normal heart rhythm during a sudden cardiac arrest. Until recently, though, that miracle was confined to places such as the ER, OR and the ambulance.

Today, the battery-powered automated external defibrillator (AED) is a powerful innovation that has made the defibrillator lighter, less costly and more convenient. And it has been simplified so that non-medical personnel can deliver that life-saving shock when needed, in a wide variety of locations. For which types of people, and in what environments, can CPR classes and AED training make a difference? The list may surprise you.

Personal Trainers

It’s ironic that working out is a proven way to get in shape, but it also brings a higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest. There are many contributing factors to SCA – age, general fitness and lifestyle are a few – but the fact is that just about everyone in the gym places themselves at greater risk. With an AED handy, and AED training by Southeastern-CPR, personal trainers enjoy peace of mind in the gym.

Athletic Coaches

Much like the fitness center, the ball diamond and the basketball court are where strenuous physical activity takes place. This is also where an SCA may occur due to overexertion, some congenital problem or freak occurrences such as a line-drive ball hitting the chest. Athletic coaches and staff should be prepared for these emergencies with CPR and AED training from Southeastern-CPR.

Industrial Safety Teams

Since we spend close to one-third of our lives at work, it makes sense that a sudden cardiac arrest could happen there. If an SCA occurs at work, time is critical, as always. But in a typical manufacturing facility distance, obstacles and unfamiliar terrain can slow down response time. This is when having an AED nearby – and AED training by Southeastern-CPR – can make a difference!

Daycare Workers

Sudden cardiac arrest in a daycare? It happens. First, consider all the adults working there, as well as parents and grandparents coming and going. Next, the children. SCA in children is rare. What is NOT rare in children is breathing difficulties – and severe breathing episodes can lead to cardiac episodes. Some children also have congenital heart conditions that have yet to be discovered. Southeastern-CPR will train and certify daycare providers to safely administer CPR and AED for adults and children.

Charter Boat Captains

Sightseeing and fishing charters are big business in Charleston SC. People of all ages and physical conditions come from practically everywhere to enjoy the water. In the Harbor or on the ocean, though, you can be far removed from help during a sudden cardiac arrest. Captains and crews can avoid a maritime crisis with AED and CPR training from Southeastern-CPR!

Medical Office Staff

Other than the routine checkup, many people visiting a doctor’s office are dealing with one medical condition or another. When medical emergencies occur in the doctor’s office, SCAs are among the most common. Meanwhile, any environment where general anesthesia is administered, such as a dental practice, is being encouraged to install AEDs. CPR and AED training for non-medical staff is strongly encouraged, and Southeastern-CPR is here to help.

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