CPR Training: Certified and RE-certified!

As we go about our day to day lives here in Charleston SC, it’s hard to overstate the importance of CPR training. Knowing how to perform CPR is one of the most critical skills you can possess in case of a cardiac emergency. Without it, the survival statistics are pretty grim. That’s why the trainers at Southeastern-CPR of Charleston SC – retired first responders who have seen it all – are passionate about offering CPR training in offices, factories, and healthcare facilities all over the State.

The Importance of Refreshing Your CPR Training

Earning your certification through CPR training is important. But equally important is CPR RE-certification. For many professionals in healthcare and other fields, CPR recertification is a requirement. For the rest of us, it’s just a REALLY good idea. Why? Because skills fade with time. If it’s been a while since your CPR training, you might be rusty. Feeling rusty affects your confidence. And acting confidently and decisively is critical to CPR success!

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What’s more, CPR training changes over time. Every few years, the American Heart Association revises its CPR training guidelines. The AHA is constantly using heart science as well as real world situations to improve CPR training and save even more lives.

In fact, that’s the goal of the latest AHA revisions. These changes hope to improve CPR effectiveness by improving CPR training. And the tool is something called an instrumented directive feedback device.

New CPR Training Tech Improves Your Performance

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An instrumented directive feedback device will help improve CPR training by “providing learners with real-time, audio-visual corrective feedback on aspects of CPR such as chest compression rate, depth, and recoil.” According to one nursing instructor at the University of Texas, “Specific and targeted feedback is critical to students understanding and delivering high-quality CPR when faced with a cardiac emergency. Incorporating feedback devices into adult CPR courses improves the quality and consistency of CPR training, which increases the chance of a successful outcome when CPR is performed.”

The new technology will be required for all AHA-certfied CPR training in 2019.

CPR Certification (and Recertification) from Southeastern-CPR

In Charleston SC, and throughout the state, Southeastern-CPR provides real-world CPR training in your work environment. If you need CPR certification, or recertification, contact us today!